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Category Archives: Women

Omega De Ville Ladymatic Watch

The Ladymatic is on the watchmaking market since 1955, becoming popular for its timepieces created particularly for women. Nowadays, the Omega is the one that revives the brand, combining the other day gentility with novelty and offering continuity to the better part of the Ladymatic. Omega De Ville Ladymatic comprises in itself a remarkable design…
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General Women’s Fashion Trends

Fashion in 2015 will be a complex and color filled universe with numerous throwbacks to other decades as well as clever reinterpretations and innovative techniques applied. It will mix well-fitted clothing with loose and baggy ones in a style that will be dominated by ‘90s influences. Major independent designers as well as production houses will…
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Women’s Style Trends

Each year, designers launch the most surprising fashion trends, but out of the numerous new styles they are presenting on catwalks only a few can actually be embraced in our everyday lives. No one is denying this, sky-high heels and oversized hats look fabulous, but how practical are these at the office or when you…
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Shopping Guide For The Perfect Watch

Choosing a watch might end up to be more difficult than you first imagine because there are many aspects that need to be taken into consideration. There are plenty of watches available on the market but with the plethora of options one has nowadays it’s almost impossible to focus on something that would be best…
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