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Men’s Style Trends

The most important menswear looks for 2015 are here. With a noticeable preference for low-cut tops, bold colors and denim, the notion of „trends” in men’s style seems to be slightly redundant. Unlike women fashion where the saying „Out with the old, in with the new” is thoroughly applied each season, menswear trends focus on basic clothing that can be reinvented season after season. Check out the best men’s styles for 2015!

1. Bold Colors

This year, there is a strong and undeniable preference for bright shades. Think of Crayola block colors and just imagine them everywhere- on t-shirts, pants, coats and jackets. This is perfect for those who are bored with neutral shades and can’t wait to try a bolder style approach. By wearing such colorful outfits, you will surely get noticed as a very fashionable man.

Bold Colors

2. Peek-a-boo style

This trend is keen on revealing a lot. Designers are fascinated by slithery satin shirts that suggest nicely shaped abs and pecs. The Peek-a-boo style is really hot this season so if you got the looks for it then you shouldn’t miss out on your chance to impress the ladies.

Peek-a-boo style

3. Denim

If you appreciate the rustic charm of a cowboy and you want to underline your masculinity then the denim trend is exactly what you need in your wardrobe. In 2015, the menswear catwalks are full of jeans, denim shirts and jackets with modern details. Just keep it sharp, neat and dark colored and you will look incredibly stylish.


4. Poetry in motion

This season it is all about taking fashion to the next level, poetry that is. It is not a trend that works out on everyone as it implies crisp white, tailored jackets worn with shorts and knee high socks, or even horizontal striped double breasted jackets.

Poetry in motion 4

5. Creative Prints

Prepare yourselves for the most creative prints splashed on the most unusual pieces of clothing- block color swirls on suits, intricate mosaic tile prints on shirts, lavishing rocco curls and spirals on jackets or even florals on jumpers or trousers. Creative prints are really popular and are making a really strong visual statement that suggests “go big or go home”.

denim 4

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