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5 Reasons Why You Should Never Buy a Replica

When you enter an elegant website that sells replicas and you see all the beautiful pictures and low prices, you are tempted to buy one. The illusion of luxury and style makes you think that getting a fake could be a really good choice, but the truth is very different. I can name 5 reasons why you should never buy a replica watch:

  1. It damages your image

Style is a mix of personality and originality. These two qualities- and not a watch- define who you are, how people see you. By wearing a knockoff you can seriously damage your image. If you have a fake on your wrist- no matter how good it is- people will tell that it’s a replica. And people hate it when they are being lied to. They will never take you seriously again because they will always remember that you are the guy who wore that tacky fake watch believing that you can fool everyone.

  1. It is a really bad investment

Regardless if we are talking about a couple hundred dollars or thousands, it still is an investment. It is your money and you should spend it on things you can actually enjoy. Once you pay for a replica watch, it totally loses its value because it is an inferior quality product that can break very easily and no one will ever consider buying it from you. On the other hand, a genuine designer watch keeps or increases its value in time because its quality and intricate mechanism makes it a precious heirloom that will last for decades.

  1. Low durability

If you believe a replica merchant who tells you that its fakes have a 2-5 years life span then you are in for a big surprise.  Knockoffs are made from poor materials and the quality control lacks completely. This means that an imitation watch will work for a very short period of time or it will be delivered defective. And repairing this type of product is incredibly difficult because local jewelers don’t want to touch a replica and returning it to China for repairs is very costly.

  1. Lack of precision

The biggest difference between replicas and authentic watches is the low accuracy. Fake manufacturers cannot offer a very good quality automatic mechanism and as a result, knockoffs keep the worst time ever. These watches stop while you are wearing them; they lose or gain a couple of minutes per day and need constant re-setting.

  1. Limited functionality

It is a known fact that replica watches do not support the same functions as the authentic products. Fakes do not have a working chronograph, a gas escape valve, a stop watch and are not water resistant. Mainly, all the additional buttons and dials are just for aesthetic purposes. The mechanisms of the original watches are very intricate, real masterpieces that are incredibly expensive. Only luxury companies can afford to produce such movements and because of this no fake watch can compare to the high functionality and complexity of the authentic timepieces.

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