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Emma Stone

Emma Stone surely is a “full package” girl. She is talented, beautiful, fun, lively, stylish and has killer legs. At the moment she’s our Hollywood sweetheart. Everyone loves her. And why wouldn’t you? She has attitude, spontaneity and irresistible charm. Besides all this, she definitely knows how to dress. She likes colorful, sexy and retro chic outfits that are able to make a powerful statement on the red carpet. We got to appreciate her style choices and her courage to try such a complex style and to pull it off so beautifully.

Street Style

She definitely knows how to pose like a movie star. She has some of that old Hollywood grace and she loves to show it off every time she has the chance. Even when she is casually drinking her morning coffee or simply walking down the street, she still looks like effortlessly chic.


Casual Event

We love how she manages to incorporated that flirty look into every outfit she wears. Is it something which comes natural or an ability developed in time? We don’t know how to define it, but what’s certain is that Emma’s looks are fresh, fun and super stylish.

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Red Carpet

Emma Stone knows how to dress to impress and especially on the red carpet. Her appearances are unique. You never know what to expect from her. Her color choices, styles and lengths are totally different from event to event.

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