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Kerry Washington

There are not that many women who know how to dress well all the time. Kerry Washington is one of the few ladies who know how important is to have a good fashion sense. She always has the most amazing outfits, designed by world renowned designers. Her style is classy, elegant and sophisticated. And one thing is sure: she never disappoints.

Street style

We don’t think that Kerry Washington is even remotely capable of dressing casual. What we consider an elegant or even formal attire is for her the most casual and comfortable item in her wardrobe. We won’t hold this against her because we love her style and we can totally accept her loyalty for her perfect look. Nevertheless, we have seen her a couple of times in jeans and we must say that she looks amazing as always.

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Casual Event

Kerry loves to attend casual events showing off her most stylish and chic outfits. She is a diva when it comes to beautiful and elegant dresses. She has a unique style that embraces feminine grace and timeless sophistication.

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Baby Bump

One of the best dressed mothers to be in Hollywood was Kerry Washington. She wore the most beautiful and surprising baby bump dresses ever. The most shocking choice was a pink cropped top with black satin full skirt. Only she could pull off such a complex and pretentious outfit.

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Red Carpet

Kerry Washington was no difficulties in looking glamorous on the red carpet. Her dresses are luxurious, original and bold. No matter what she chooses to wear, she always looks perfect, fresh and stylish.

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