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Olivia Wilde

Olivia Wilde is one of the most popular Hollywood fashion icons. This young actress became famous thanks to her role in „House M.D” and kept her fame by dressing up on the red carpet. There is no secret that Olivia’s appearances are highly anticipated by fashion critics. Everyone is dying to see what this young starlet is going to wear next and until now she has never let us down.

Olivia Wilde is one of the few girls around that really has class. She always knows what and how to wear. She is not extraordinarily beautiful, nor does she have a very slim and tall figure. She is just an ordinary looking gal with a pronounced sense of fashion. She knows what looks good on her and what style really is.

Street Style

No matter if she is walking her dog, buying a coffee or simply walking on the street, she always looks fabulous. Her style is simple, comfortable and chic. She doesn’t overdo it.

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Casual Events

At events, Olivia prefers a more elegant look. She balances very beautifully elegant pieces with casual ones, and she always gets terrific results. Her outfits are fresh, lively and original.

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Baby Bump

It’s incredibly difficult to look good when you are carrying around a gigantic baby bump, but Olivia didn’t have any problems in styling up her look. Each time she stepped on the red carpet, she dressed her soon to be mother belly with grace and attitude.

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Red Carpet

Like a true fashion expert, Olivia likes to juggle with different styles. For her, any appearance on the red carpet is a new chance to play a part in her own fashion movie. From shirtless tuxedos, bold cropped dresses to Arabian pants and princess dresses, Olivia has tried it all and each time she has looked absolutely smashing.

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