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  • Tight Embrace

    Tight Embrace

    This year, it is all about necklaces that seem to tightly embrace your delicate neckline. The preference is for chokers…

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  • Hued Brass

    Hued Brass

    The most popular metal in 2015 is hued brass. There are no limits to what designers can shape from this…

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  • Beautiful Asymmetry

    Beautiful Asymmetry

    Last year, we were dazzled by the single-earring trends, but this year there is a new type of ear ornamentation…

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  • High Neckline

    High Neckline

    It is time to button-up, ladies! The catwalks are full of conservative outfits that feature a high collar. Even though…

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  • Modern Stripes

    Modern Stripes

    Stripes are very hot this year. But everything has changed in the way we used to wear striped clothing. Now,…

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  • Shoulder-Baring Looks

    Shoulder-Baring Looks

    Shoulder pads are out and off-the-shoulder necklines are in. Finally, designers have decided to let us play with powerful and…

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  • Colored Suede

    Colored Suede

    There is a visible desire for adding color touches of suede on the most surprisingly modern outfits. This fabric isn’t…

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  • A Pinch of Sportiness

    A Pinch of Sportiness

    To be in fashion in 2015 you just need a stylish outfit with a small doze of sportiness. There is…

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  • Unusual Animal Prints

    Unusual Animal Prints

    If you love animal prints then you will love this year’s trend. Forget about leopard prints or any other common…

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