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Portfolio Category: Celebrity

Emma Stone

Emma Stone surely is a “full package” girl. She is talented, beautiful, fun, lively, stylish and has killer legs. At the moment she’s our Hollywood sweetheart. Everyone loves her. And why wouldn’t you? She has attitude, spontaneity and irresistible charm. Besides all this, she definitely knows how to dress. She likes colorful, sexy and retro…
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Kerry Washington

There are not that many women who know how to dress well all the time. Kerry Washington is one of the few ladies who know how important is to have a good fashion sense. She always has the most amazing outfits, designed by world renowned designers. Her style is classy, elegant and sophisticated. And one…
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Olivia Wilde

Olivia Wilde is one of the most popular Hollywood fashion icons. This young actress became famous thanks to her role in „House M.D” and kept her fame by dressing up on the red carpet. There is no secret that Olivia’s appearances are highly anticipated by fashion critics. Everyone is dying to see what this young…
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