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At Home

We know that when you’re at home you can’t help yourself not wearing those comfortable sweatpants and that old T-shirt, but surely you don’t want to be caught off guard by your friends when they decide to drop by unannounced.   Who says you can’t look good in your home clothes? As long as you know how to choose comfortable, but stylish outfits you will always look fabulous around the house.

  • Ready to Go Out.

If you are a very active and sociable person, always in and out the house then you want to always be prepared. Choose stylish printed flared pants, a comfortable white shirt, a statement necklace and have your nude pumps ready.

What To Wear At Home ADDITIONAL 1

  • Cool Attitude.

This is a look that implies sweatpants so you will probably love it. You need a white t-shirt, a light cool sweater with a funny print, loose pair of sweatpants and lots of attitude.

What To Wear At Home ADDITIONAL 2

  • Seductive Look

For the gals who love to show their sexy side all the time, even at home, a mini slim white dress from a comfortable fabric is just perfect.

What To Wear At Home ADDITIONAL 3

  • Comfy and Warm

When you love to enjoy comfort, fuzziness and warmth, but without compromising style then you can go in favor of a simple cotton dress, long knitted socks and a matching shawl.

What To Wear At Home ADDITIONAL 4

  • Natural Chic

Jeans are almost as comfortable as sweatpants so why not wear them at home with a simple t-shirt, a printed shawl and white sketchers. It’s all you need for a natural chic look.

What To Wear At Home ADDITIONAL 5

  • Animal Print

You can pull off an animal print attire even at home. Try casual pants with a leopard print, a pastel blouse, gold jewelry and have those high heels ready just in case the phone rings.

What To Wear At Home ADDITIONAL 6

  • Effortlessly Fabulous

If you like to feel fabulous all the time then you can try this comfortable and stylish outfit at home: short ripped-up pants, a white loose shirt and a statement necklace.

What To Wear At Home ADDITIONAL 7

  • Girl Next Door

When you want to try that cute and sexy girl next door look you can opt for a white tank top, a loose sweater from a light fabric and leggings in neutral colors.

What To Wear At Home ADDITIONAL 8

  • Charming Personality

If you want your clothes to reflect your personality then you want to look as natural as possible when you’re wearing your home outfit.  Opt for some ripped-up blue jeans, a casual knitted sweater in a light color and brighten up the day with your irresistible smile.

What To Wear At Home ADDITIONAL 9

  • Maxi Dress

A maxi dress with the right accessories can be both chic and comfy. Make sure the dress is made from a delicate and smooth material, opt for a unicolor model and wrap a few cool belts around your waist to accentuate your figure.

What To Wear At Home ADDITIONAL 10

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