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To a Party

This year, there is a clear focus on elegant, sophisticated and feminine party dresses, but the options are countless as designers are getting more and more creative at coming up with the most surprisingly refined outfits. Of course, depending on the type of event you are attending, you have to choose a style that suits your figure, personality and allows you to feel confident and comfortable. Below you will find a couple of tips that will help decide what to wear to a party.

  • The Dress Code

Before deciding on a particular dress you should first check what type of event you will be attending. An intimate celebration with a couple of friends requires a totally different dress than an office party.

What To Wear To A Party ADDITIONAL 1

  • The Sparkle Factor

The sparkle actor must always be used in the correct dosage. You don’t want to overdo it. We recommend that you wear discrete jewelry if you are opting for a sequined dress. And if the dress is very simple in a solid color then you want to add more sparkly accessories to balance the entire outfit.

What To Wear To A Party ADDITIONAL 2

  • Timeless Style

There is nothing more fabulous than a vintage looking evening dress. That old fashion glamour is simply irresistible. A simple nude dress that embraces your figure naturally, simple lines, sophisticated accessories and a classy hairdo are all you need.

What To Wear To A Party ADDITIONAL 3

  • Color Play

A colored dress is sometimes the key to success. A simple dress in a bright color is just what you need to get noticed at parties. If you use classy accessories that complement the dress rather than trying to complicate the outfit then you will surely be complimented for your fine fashion tastes.

What To Wear To A Party ADDITIONAL 4

  • Lovely Prints

If you stick to elegant lines and simple prints in maximum two colors then you have the right answer for a lovely printed party dress. The most recommended versions are a geometric or abstract print and do not forget to choose neutral accessories in block colors.

What To Wear To A Party ADDITIONAL 5

  • Tuxedo’s Feminine Side

In fashion and war everything is allowed, including wearing a tuxedo. If you just don’t feel right wearing a dress than you can still look classy and stylish in a tuxedo style outfit. Ives Saint Laurent is the one that made Le Smoking look so popular and this is still one of the most sophisticated styles you can wear at a special occasion.

What To Wear To A Party ADDITIONAL 6

  • Details Count

For some styles, the finer details make the difference between a fabulous outfit and a fashion disaster. When you decide to wear a simple unicolor dress everything you need to make it special is the right set of accessories. Try oversized earrings and a luxurious bag and it will be just perfect!

What To Wear To A Party ADDITIONAL 7

  • Perfect Makeup

If you want to look perfectly polished then you need to make sure your makeup is flawless. Invest a little extra time and effort into testing various make-ups styles and find out which ones accentuate your face expressions and compliments your outfit.

What To Wear To A Party ADDITIONAL 8

  • Overdressed is Better

When it comes to a party, it is better to be overdressed than underdressed. An outfit that seems to be a bit too much can be tamed by removing some jewelry or messing up your hair.

What To Wear To A Party ADDITIONAL 9

  • A Coat is a Must

When it’s cold outside never ever leave the house without a coat. Choose a smart looking coat that is in the same style as your outfit and make sure it flatters your figure.

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