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To Work

We dress for work five days a week so it is important to look amazing every time. Regardless if your job requires formal attire or a more casual one, below you will find the easiest and most stylish outfit solutions.

  • Pencil Skirt Outfits

These slim little skirts paired up with a collared shirt are always the most fabulous outfits for work. Add an envelope purse and you will look sexier and more confident than ever.

What To Wear To Work ADDITIONAL 1

  • Office Prints

An animal print shirt, a simple white skirt and the right accessories are the surest ingredients for the perfect office outfit.

What To Wear To Work ADDITIONAL 2

  • Practical Satchels

When it comes to our job, we need to be able to rely on a practical and roomy bag that has just the right doze of that perfectly polished look.

What To Wear To Work ADDITIONAL 3

  • A Shirt with Flair

There is nothing sharper than a crisp button-down shirt. It is perfect with skirts, pants or even frocks.

What To Wear To Work ADDITIONAL 4

  • Perfectly Polished

A simple sweater in a solid black color, a pretty full pink skirt and classic accessories are all you need for a professional look.

What To Wear To Work ADDITIONAL 5

  • Black and White

Mix up crisp wardrobe staples with printed tuxedo pants and you get a very stylish office outfit. Even if the trousers might seem wild at first sight, if you add an ivory blouse, a black jacket and neutral accessories you get an office-appropriate attire.

What To Wear To Work ADDITIONAL 6

  • Delicate Pastels

Try camel shades and baby blue to get a balanced office outfit. For a dramatic effect take your chances with a slouch hat. This look is fabulous for any season.

What To Wear To Work ADDITIONAL 7

  • The Figure Flatterer

There is nothing more flattering for your figure than the high-waist, wide-leg trousers. These make your legs look miles long and hide the sensitive areas of your body. For a creative visual play, opt for a chunky cropped sweater.

What To Wear To Work ADDITIONAL 8

  • Casual Friday

Are you desperately looking for an idea to wear your sneakers to work? For this you need a super polished outfit in a matching color palette.

What To Wear To Work ADDITIONAL 9

  • Business Brights

Opt for vivid hues for bringing to work a little bit of your irresistible colorful style.

What To Wear To Work ADDITIONAL 10

  • Shades of Beige

Do you want to look glamorous to work? Then dress in a sleek outfit that combines successfully different shades of beige, and add a statement necklace.

What To Wear To Work ADDITIONAL 11

  • Day to Night Look

This is a look that is perfect both for work and for late nigh cocktails with friends. It is a classy combination that will accentuate your modern style.

What To Wear To Work ADDITIONAL 12

  • Cool Personality

This outfit is full of personality. It mixes so many different tones of brown and green from numerous contrasting fabrics.  The result is a very cool look to which no one can resists.

What To Wear To Work ADDITIONAL 13

  • Chic Suit

The classic black suit can be redefined with a delicate bow blouse, a cropped bicker jacket and topping flared trouser.

What To Wear To Work ADDITIONAL 14

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