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The jumpsuit is one of the biggest trends of 2015. Its moment of glory started in 2014 and it looks like it’s not going to end any time soon. This fabulous fashion item is everywhere, in all shapes, colors and fabrics. If you consider it a risky style choice then continue reading to find out how you can wear it correctly.

  • Solange Knowles took the jumpsuit to a totally new level. She wore it on her wedding day. Yeah, that’s right! She saw an opportunity of wearing something glamorous, modern and sophisticated in that very special day and she took it.

how to wear a Jumpsuit ADDITIONAL 1

  • Channel Michelle Dockery's opted for a manlier looking jumpsuit for an occasion that called for cocktail attire. She simply added her own feminine charm by choosing some fabulous pumps and very opulent gold jewelry.

how to wear a jumpsuit ADDITIONAL 2

  • If you want something classy and chic then follow Cameron Diaz’s example by choosing a pants-skirt mix. Just imagine your legs sweeping in this luxurious wide silk jumpsuit creating a sophisticated silhouette as a stylish alternative to a maxi-skirt.

how to wear a jumpsuit ADDITIONAL 3

  • Emma Watson decided to bring old-Hollywood glamour on the red carpet by wearing this fashionable jumpsuit that reminds us of Marilyn Monroe’s iconic white frisky dress. Give it a little shine with a simple gold body chain.

how to wear a jumpsuit ADDITIONAL 4

  • Kendall Jenner showed everyone how you can really show off your curves with the help of a slim strapless jumpsuit. Just a hint here: If you want to choose a tighter version then you should wisely go for a tailored model in a thicker fabric to avoid looking like you are wearing a unitard.

how to wear a jumpsuit ADDITIONAL 5

  • There’s no one better at impressing us than Portia de Rossi. She surely knows how to wear an outfit. Just look at her in this bright blue jumpsuit with a navel-skimming V-neck.

how to wear a jumpsuit ADDITIONAL 6

  • This one is a must have. Julianna Margulies made the perfect choice when wearing this simple jumpsuit that is very easy to style up with a few well-chosen accessories.

how to wear a jumpsuit ADDITIONAL 7