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Blue jeans are some of the most trivial and basic items in our wardrobe. Hippies, greasers, rockers, cowboys and rappers all have one thing in common: denim. Admit it. You feel good in your jeans, but how stylish do you really look while wearing them?

There are so many different versions of blue jeans, so many ways of personalizing them that sometimes you just do not know how to mix them with the rest of your outfit. It really isn’t that difficult to look fabulous in denim, no matter how ordinary they seem to be. You just need to know how to style them up by choosing the perfect clothes to go with them. From ripped-up and flared denim to skinny and tapered styles, we will show you how to wear blue jeans in the most glamorous way.

  • College Chic

Denim is perfect for an outfit that says “I’m just a chic college girl.” Besides a comfortable pair of blue jeans, you just need a gray sweatshirt with a cool printed message, a bright cap, chic statement shoes and lots of attitude.

how to wear blue jeans ADDITIONAL 1

  • Casual Elegance

If you know how to style them up, denim can be part of a slightly elegant outfit- one that is not overly elegant, but not too casual. Try a white shirt, a gray sweater, a brown coat on your shoulders and a statement scarf. Opt for the simplest blue jeans possible, and go for matching black shoes and handbag.

how to wear blue jeans ADDITIONAL 2

  • Athletic Vibe

This year, sporty is a trend and denim is just perfect for sustaining such a look. Choose a lively colored slim sweater, a simple pair of blue jeans with a few tears along the knees and bulky boots.

how to wear blue jeans ADDITIONAL 3

  • Simply Fabulous

It's easy to look fabulous in denim if you keep it really simple. Try a white button down shirt, a dark blue coat, slim fit blue jeans and very elegant high heel shoes. For more of that fab touch, you can add a silver long necklace and a casual tear on one of the knees.

how to wear blue jeans ADDITIONAL 4

  • Careless Glam

If you want to look like you couldn’t care less about style and trends, but obviously look glamorous as ever then go for a dark gray turtleneck loose sweater, tuck it in your super slim denim, add a pair of stylish high heels and an oversized clutch.

how to wear blue jeans ADDITIONAL 5

  • Wildly Stylish

What better way to use animal print item in an outfit equation than to look like you have just fabulously survived the jungle. How do you successfully apply this look? First you need a pair of overly torn up blue jeans, a slim denim shirt, an animal print coat, a furry clutch and elegant high heel shoes. The result is wildly stylish.

how to wear blue jeans ADDITIONAL 6

  • Cool You

You can look good by wearing an outfit that compliments your lively personality. If you want clothes that show that you’re naturally stylish then denim is the key. Choose a slim and light white blouse, a white jacket with turn-up sleeves, skinny jeans, a colorful statement necklace and light shoes. You will look effortlessly cool.

how to wear blue jeans ADDITIONAL 7

  • ‘70s Nostalgia

There is no limit to the stylish looks you can create with a pair of blue jeans. If you want a ‘70s inspired glam look then go for a white vintage blouse, ripped-up jeans, an elegant coat worn over the shoulders, and of course a fury collar. And don’t forget about matching accessories!

how to wear blue jeans ADDITIONAL 8

  • Street Style

To blend in with the urban décor is quite easy when you try this very inspired outfit. Leather stringy vest over a casual T-shirt, slim blue jeans and fancy accessories are all you need to look utterly stylish.

how to wear blue jeans ADDITIONAL 9

  • Sparkling Beauty

Why not shine in denim? After all you just need a sequin blouse, ripped-up blue jeans, a clutch and high heels. It really is that easy!

how to wear blue jeans ADDITIONAL 10

  • Rockin’ Denim

And of course, you can’t have denim without a biker jacket. For this style simply opt for a gray casual t-shirt and tuck it in your overly torn-up jeans, wear a bicker jacket over the shoulders and choose some spiked high heels.

how to wear blue jeans ADDITIONAL 11

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