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Culottes are one of the hottest trends in 2015. What is so great about these unusual shaped pants? Well, the key of their irresistible charm is that unique pants-skirt hybrid look. With so many available lengths, color choices, fabrics and shapes, there are countless ways of styling up an outfit that implies culottes. Are you still skeptical? Then read the following tips on how to wear culottes.

  • Casual Glam

Choose a simple white shirt from a slim fabric, a casual black jacket and a neutral colored pair of culottes from a heavy fabric adorned with contrasting gems. Add some high heels, gold jewelry and a statement clutch. The result is pure success.

how to wear culottes ADDITIONAL 1

  • Modern Lines

Go for a minimalistic color range and add a well-balanced doze of modern lines. How can you do this? It’s really simple. Again, opt for a white casual shirt, a simple pair of culottes in a different color than the ones used for the rest of the outfit, long elegant black boots and a black jacket with unusual or asymmetric cuts.

how to wear culottes ADDITIONAL 2

  • Street Chic

If you want an utterly cool vibe then why not wear a very long pair of beige culottes, a slim white shirt, a black bicker leather jacket and animal print high heels?

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  • Black and White

Culottes are perfect for creating a smart elegant look without compromising comfort. These pants are super comfortable and if you go for the black and white combo while keeping very simple and supple lines then you will look incredibly stylish.

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  • Dare to Impress

Depending on how bold you are in terms of style choices then you can consider this very original outfit- a cut blouse that reveals some serious amount of skin, white culottes, modern high heels, wacky glasses and a hat.

how to wear culottes ADDITIONAL 5

  • Denim

Of course, we couldn’t ignore the fabulous combination of culottes and denim. And what better way to mix them up than a casual gray T-shirt, white over-flared culottes, futuristic high heels and a simple, small clutch?

how to wear culottes ADDITIONAL 6

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