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Whether we love it or hate it, leather pants is a trend and we can’t ignore it…no matter how much we try. In fact, we should give up our preconceptions regarding this very popular piece of clothing and learn to accept its advantages. It is sexy, stylish and fashionable so why not discover how to fabulously wear leather pants?

  • Somewhere in Between

Not too casual, not too sporty and certainly not too elegant. This is a look that everyone can try. It is stylish, but not impressive. It is one of the easiest look you can try for your leather pants. The rule is to go all black. Choose a slim black sweater from a thin fabric, a black casual jacket, slim leather pants and plain black boots.

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  • Effortlessly Diva

Leather pants are perfect for getting that diva style, the kind of style that looks natural and glamorous without adding too much fireworks to your outfit. For this style you need a white blouse, a black jacket over your shoulders, loose leather pants with a statement belt and sophisticated high heels.

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  • Sweet Attitude

This style is really simple. Go for a pastel sweater or blouse, leather pants and statement accessories like an oversized shawl or statement glasses.

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  • All black

An all-black outfit is the surest thing when you want to wear leather pants. You can look elegant and stylish if you opt for a black sweater or blouse, skinny leather pants, minimalistic high heels and a simple handbag. That’s all you need!

how to wear leather pants ADDITIONAL 4

  • Urban fashionista

Sometimes all you need is the right hat. With a long white t-shirt, a black jacket with turn up sleeves, a black hat and sophisticated high heels and clutch you can really rock those leather pants.

how to wear leather pants ADDITIONAL 5

  • Casual Me

Who says that leather pants and sheakers don’t mix? It’s such a fabulous, but still casual look. You just need a white blouse, a jacket with metallic inserts, leather pants and white sneakers.

how to wear leather pants ADDITIONAL 6

  • Glam Factor

With a fluffy fury vest, leather zip pants, pointy metallic high heels shoes and a very elegant clutch you are guaranteed to look absolutely glamorous.

how to wear leather pants ADDITIONAL 7

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