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Women’s Style Trends

Each year, designers launch the most surprising fashion trends, but out of the numerous new styles they are presenting on catwalks only a few can actually be embraced in our everyday lives. No one is denying this, sky-high heels and oversized hats look fabulous, but how practical are these at the office or when you go out with a couple of friends? This is why we have selected a few of the best 2015 women’s style trends that can be worn any day.

Shirt dresses

Designers are really great at taking a simple item from our wardrobe and totally reinventing it. This is just what they did with the classic shaped shirt with drop waist and high slit. It looks anything but boring. The shirt dress is really popular this season and it is a must for your closet.

shirt dresses


Don’t say “no” just yet. Give it a chance! We know that yellow is a really difficult color, but there are numerous different shades out there and surely there must be one perfect for you. Start by identifying your skin’s undertone and after this finding the hue that best complements it will be a real piece of cake.



Oh, Gingham! Those small and colorful checkered prints are everywhere this year. The best part is that the modern Gingham has a sexy, urban vibe that is simply irresistible.


Black and White

It certainly isn’t such an innovative trend, but it is too ubiquitous to be ignored. The interesting thing about this year’s black and white approach is the use of interesting combos in terms of patterns, textures and silhouettes.

black and white


It is very difficult to wear culottes correctly, but in 2015 it is a must. You can choose them for work, for going out or even for special occasions. The choice of colors and fabrics is essential. Pair it up with tailored button-downs, blazers and high heels.


Blue and White

This subtle color combo is perfect for creating an original and creative outfit. When you feel like being stylish and elegant with little to no color, simply dress in blue and white.

blue and white

Kimono-Style Trench Coats

This season, the runways were crowded by Slouchy, lightweight trench coats with a slight kimono look. These are perfect for you if you prefer a stylish and comfortable mix between a kimono, a proper coat, and a robe.

kimon-style trench coats

Head-to-Toe White

This trend isn’t about when, but about how to wear all white. We know, white can be impossible, but not if you are creative when it comes to mixing textures, trying various shades and layering multiple pieces.

head to toe white

Medium-Size Obi Belts

For maximum waist whittling advantages you should try an obi belt and knot it to the side. It is one of the most flattering styles of 2015.

medium-size obi belts

Flats, Slides, and Sneakers

The best of this year’s trends is the focus on comfortable shoes. The fashion gods have focused on stylish two-strap sandals, minimal sneakers and lovely flats.

Flats, Slides, and Sneakers

One-Shoulder Cuts

Overnight, shoulders have become the sexiest part of a woman’s body. These one-shoulder tops and dresses are ideal for parties or date nights.

one-shoulder cuts

Roomy Denim

Think cropped, baggy cuts and you will understand how jeans look in 2015. To create a really feminine cool look, keep the tops slim.

roomy denim

Polo-Style Shirts

Sporty is a theme this season. No one can deny this! And designers found another fun way of playing with it. Get ready for polo-style shirts. They’re comfy and incredibly trendy!

polo style shirts

Military Greens

This year, you should pick at least a couple of military-style pieces in olive shades. Your wardrobe won’t survive without it. Many designers have reinvented the army look and-believe it or not- it is hotter than ever.

military greens

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