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General Women’s Fashion Trends

Fashion in 2015 will be a complex and color filled universe with numerous throwbacks to other decades as well as clever reinterpretations and innovative techniques applied. It will mix well-fitted clothing with loose and baggy ones in a style that will be dominated by ‘90s influences.

Major independent designers as well as production houses will produce thousands of ideas that will be reflected in what you will wear next spring. So here are just a few major trends for overall women’s fashion.


In spring 2015 everything is going to be about the sandals and platforms. Whether you’re going to go for the leathery up-to-the-knee models that will be very in or for a ‘90s throwback on flowery imprinted platform sandals it’s your choice. They can be paired with most spring/summer outfits and create the perfect starting piece of kit for your colorful 2015 outfits. Chloe’s Gladiator wedges, Chanel’s ankle strap loafers or Balmain’s lace-up sandal booties are some of the most interesting items you can pick up.


Accessories, particularly bags, will play a major role in 2015 fashion thanks to the wealth of models colors and materials on display. Everything from satchels, pouches, saddles, clutches, messenger or doctor bags will be in and depending on what your individual style is, you can check most of them out. Be prepared to also see a lot of materials and textures with basics like leather snake and crocodile skin sitting next to brocade, fur or burnished metal. Round or near round shapes will also be in so start prepping your accessories right now.

As far as other accessories, nothing will be bigger than ribbon belts in 2015. Seen around every waist at every fashion show that matters, ribbon belts are definitely one of the hippest accessories you can get.


The major influence that was already visible in 2014 and will hit big in 2015 will be the cropped pant with wide leg. Comfortable and chic designers like Jil sander or Sportmax have already included this look in their runway shows.

Ruffled dresses are another big item that’s going to mature in 2015, particularly for high-quality materials such as silk. Definitely check out the Zimmerman collection for a good idea on this trend.

While floral arrangements are slowly becoming a fashion staple, nearly immune to changing trends, big bold and beautiful floral models will definitely be in next year. Designers like Thom Brown and Michael Kors have perfectly illustrated the trend. You should definitely check them out to get an idea on what to wear next spring.

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